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Pro-life Groups Plan Major Prayer and Public Witness at the Democratic National Convention in Charlotte, N.C.

CHARLOTTE, N.C., May 31, 2012 /Christian Newswire/ — The groups will announce their plans at a news conference on Friday, June 1, at 11:00 A.M. The location will be at the plaza at the Time Warner Arena, the site of the DNC, at 333 East Trade Street in Charlotte, N.C. The organizations plan to publicly … Continue reading

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Priests for Life Supports Ban on Gender-Specific Abortion

WASHINGTON, May 30, 2012 /Christian Newswire/ — Fr. Frank Pavone, National Director of Priests for Life, today issued a statement in favor of the Prenatal Nondiscrimination Act (PRENDA), which is expected to be voted on in the House of Representatives this evening. The measure would outlaw any abortion performed because of the gender of a baby. … Continue reading

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Anti-Abortion Protests to Take Place in Front of the United Nations in New York and Russian Embassies in Washington, DC, and Montreal, QC

NEW YORK, May 30, 2012 /Christian Newswire/ — On June 1st, the international anti-abortion movement “Warriors of Life” will conduct a public campaign aimed at prohibition of abortions in Russia, Ukraine, USA, Poland, Canada. Campaign will include picketing of the United Nations Headquarters in New York City. New York, NY: At 11am on June 1st, June New … Continue reading

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Religious Abortion Rights Coalition Recruits Obama Faith-Based Ally

“Few liberal lobbies in Washington are as shameful as RCRC, which claims God opposes any restrictions on abortion.” — Mark Tooley, IRD President   WASHINGTON, April 30, 2012 /Christian Newswire/ — A coalition of liberal faith groups giving religious cover for abortion rights advocacy has named a pro-gay rights activist and ally of the Obama Administration … Continue reading

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Oklahoma Christian Community, Pro-life Legislators Rally to the Defense of Personhood Act

OKLAHOMA CITY, April 24, 2012 /Christian Newswire/ — More than a dozen lawmakers and area pastors gathered at the state Capitol on Monday to declare that the Oklahoma Personhood Act will not go down without a fight. The measure, which would define the beginning of life at conception and recognize the rights of unborn children at … Continue reading

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Personhood USA Calls on Governor Fallin to Lead the Way for Oklahoma Personhood Act

OKLAHOMA CITY, April 24, 2012 /Christian Newswire/ — Personhood USA is joining the call of the Oklahoma pro-life movement and the state’s pro-life legislators to bring SB 1433, the Personhood Act, to the House floor for an up or down vote before Thursday’s deadline. The group is asking Governor Mary Fallin to use her influence to … Continue reading

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Finalization of Kansas Abortionist’s License Revocation Delayed by 11th Hour Defense Tactic

TOPEKA, Kan., April 13, 2012 /Christian Newswire/ — The Kansas Board of Healing Arts voted today to delay finalization of a revocation order in the case of abortionist Ann Kristin Neuhaus after the defense submitted a 70-page tome late yesterday, leaving board members little time to review the documents. “While the delay in this six year old … Continue reading

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Planned Parenthood Clergy Group Calls for ’40 Days of Prayer’ for Abortion

“For an organization that claims to be about women’s health, this Planned Parenthood prayer guide seems to focus exclusively on abortion.” — Mark Tooley, IRD President WASHINGTON, April 13, 2012 /Christian Newswire/ — A clergy committee of Planned Parenthood is calling for “40 days of prayer and contemplation” for abortion in a program mirroring the … Continue reading

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Operation Save America Vindicated in Wyoming Supreme Court

“We find that the ex parte TRO was issued in violation of the First Amendment to the United States Constitution and Rule 65 of the Wyoming Rules of Civil Procedure and reverse.” — Wyoming Supreme Court, April Term, A.D. 2012, Operation Save America Appellant (Defendant), v. The City of Jackson Appellee (Plaintiff) Wyoming Supreme Court:  … Continue reading

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Cardinal Burke Clarifies: Employers Providing Contraceptives ‘Materially and Formally’ Cooperating with Sin

Contact: Megan Morris, Catholic Action for Faith and Family, meganharmonmorris@gmail.com   SAN DIEGO, April 9, 2012 /Christian Newswire/ — Catholic Action for Faith and Family announces a timely and insightful thirty minute interview with Cardinal Raymond Burke as he discusses critical matters of faith, religious liberty, and culpability in relation to the threatened government mandate for … Continue reading

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