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Pastor Bent (Benjamin) Altschul’s Great Among The Nations (GATN) Christian Ministry Embarks ‘Leadership Revival Conferences’ Throughout Many European Nations

Ministries today are seeking God for a fresh outpouring of the sanctifying, illuminating and regenerating work of the Holy Spirit. Great Among The Nations Christian ministry has risen to answer that call by consistently promoting Biblical and gospel-centered themes at every outreach event…and the Holy Spirit does the rest.

COPENHAGEN, Denmark, May 30, 2012 /Christian Newswire/ — During this spring and summer seasons of 2012, Great Among The Nations has been actively forming relationships with ministries of several European countries such as Germany, Denmark, France, Belgium, Ireland, Scotland, Poland, Austria, Hungary and Czech Republic, and found its warm welcome in the Christian leadership community.

Since the second half of the twentieth century, the Pentecostal church has witnessed an enormous growth of adherents across the world. Spirit-filled seekers and spirit-friendly churches have earned their place of acceptance in many European countries. Some Biblical scholars have referred to this age as the “Pentecostal Century” and have further explained that we have seen the greatest number of conversions and church plants in world-wide history during these times.

According to Pastor Altschul, “The positive reception and invitations we are receiving in many European cities has been overwhelming. The shared expectation for God’s revivals to surpass our everyday outreach evangelism programs has been well-received, and it is refreshing to see men’s hearts open for the Holy Spirit’s support and leadership. He is preparing and restoring His people.”

Consulting and partnering with leaders of the Christian arena has been the building blocks of Altschul’s ministry and for over 28 years scores of people have experienced the presence of the Lord in their conferences, seminars and workshops. The center point of GATN’s events are to exalt the person of Jesus, His teaching, His attributes and His expression of compassion for His people. 

For further information, please see www.gatn.orgwhich provides an overview of GATN’s mission, including its statement of faith.

Great Among The Nations, Inc. 
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Beverly Hills, California 90211 U.S.A.


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