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Men Need Guidance to Find Fulfillment

ENUMCLAW, Wash., April 23, 2012 /Christian Newswire/ — “Men want a fulfilling life,” says author Ken Bramlett, “but don’t know how to have one because they have never been taught.”


“Most men want to be good husbands and good fathers, to succeed in the workplace, to have a strong spiritual life, and make an impact on the world around them,” Bramlett says. “But it’s hard to balance all these pursuits — and feel like you’ve succeeded in any of them.”


Bramlett knows about trying to find balance. For thirty years, he has worked in technical and managerial roles for the petroleum company Royal Dutch Shell–working with the environmentally delicate and technically challenging task of developing oil and gas fields in the deepwater Gulf of Mexico. While working full-time with Shell—and raising three children, with his wife, Pat– Bramlett entered seminary part-time at age 36 and graduated six years later, in 1998, with a Master of Divinity.


“Fulfillment comes from a man’s efforts in four areas,” Bramlett says. “Men need a fulfilling spiritual life, a fulfilling family life, a fulfilling life in the workplace and a fulfilling cause–an opportunity to make an impact on the world.” Bramlett uses these as the outline for his book “What Men Need.” He also provides a “life management system to help men balance their demands through prioritization and self-control.”


“There is no silver bullet to achieve a fulfilling life,” Bramlett says. “But there is a lot a man can do to increase his probability for success. To do so requires prioritizing all the facets in his life in a way that helps him easily make decisions on where he will focus his activities.”


Besides working with Shell, Bramlett directs Men’s Ministries at Kingsland Baptist Church in Katy, Texas. He is also a partner in the Ministry Enhancement Group, which helps pastors develop skills in team-building, staff management, time management and conflict management.


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