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Come Aboard — SHARE Symposium: Sharing Hope, Awareness and Recovery Efforts

LONG BEACH, Calif., April 11, 2012 /Christian Newswire/ — The SHARE Symposium, hosted by Abortion Recovery InterNational (ARIN) is scheduled for July 16-18, 2012 in Long Beach, California… right on the water’s edge!

Their 2009 inaugural event, was such a huge success, they had lay counselors, pastors and professional therapists begging them to host one on the west coast. People spoke, ARIN listened!

The theme for 2012, “Come Aboard”, invites Christians to personally get involved! ARIN believes that the healing of our nation takes everyone’s participation!

What Christian leaders should consider attending?

  • The eager leader: who might be somewhat uneducated about the affects of pregnancy loss through abortion and the effects on individuals/families. Someone willing to learn more in order to help heal the hurts and hang-ups of people in his/her care. i.e.: pastors, peer counselors, youth leaders, students, school counselors, medical personnel.
  • The early leader: who may understand there is a broader need for support services and feels called to network with programs in his/her area. i.e.: celebrate recovery staff, women’s ministry director, professional therapist, pro-life leader, prison personnel, abstinence educator and rape or sex industry counselor.
  • The experienced leader: who has been facilitating support/recovery groups, is working in the community and may want to bring their program “up to speed” or keep “plugged in”!
  • The exceptional leader: who is passionate about being on the cutting edge in support/recovery efforts to seek and save those that are lost and those that are hurting. A leader who realizes that by uniting our efforts toward healing, greater results can happen.

The ARIN SHARE Symposium is different than any other conference you’ve ever attended. It’s about strategic planning, humbly sharing ideas, resources and concepts. It’s about building community relations so that we may all work more collaboratively to provide extended healing opportunities to individuals and families.

At the ARIN Symposium you’ll navigate the current waves of society and share a life ring with anyone who needs it. The Symposium is VERY interactive. It’s about fellowship and prayer. It’s about relaxation and peace.
 It’s about listening to Him!

So mark the dates July 16-18, 2012, visit the Symposium website (www.sharesymposium.org), get in on early registration and start setting out your California attire (jeans, capris, shorts, t-shirts, swimsuit, oh and don’t forget your flip-flops).

On behalf of the ARIN Symposium Crew…. “Welcome Aboard”


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