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One Million Christians Praying for Children on Global 4/14 Day

SAN DIEGO, Calif., April 10, 2012 /Christian Newswire/ – On Saturday, April 14 an international coalition of one-million Christians, known as the 4/14 Window Movement, will partner together in prayer on six continents for Global 4/14 Day. They will be praying specifically for children in the “4/14 Window.”

The 4/14 Window refers to all children between the ages of 4 to 14. During this decade or “window,” most children in this demographic develop their moral and spiritual foundations.

“Global 4/14 Day is an annual day of prayer for the world’s children,” said Steve Karges, coordinator of the event. “The focus of our prayers on Saturday will be for kids and we invite Christians everywhere to join the movement and pray.”

There are 2.3 billion children on earth under age 15 and they represent the largest unreached group (to Christianity) in the world. Boys and girls in the 4/14 Window are given priority by evangelical mission strategists because they are more open and receptive to the gospel than older youth and adults. Research shows that nearly 85% of individuals who make a decision for Christ in the United States do so between the ages of 4 to 14. Christian missionaries serving around the world report similar results.

The event’s website,www.Global414Day.com, which was launched last December, is available in 14 of the world’s most-spoken languages. A free Prayer and Fasting Guide has been posted online to download and print.

“The response to Global 4/14 Day from Christ followers is nothing short of a miracle,” Karges explained with excitement. “One million Christians, either praying on their own or with a group, for two billion children worldwide is remarkable. God is using Global 4/14 Day to bring Christians together through love, prayer, children’s ministry and the internet.”

This Saturday Karges and his wife, Janette, will be praying with a group at LifePointe Church in Fort Collins, Colorado. He will then spend the afternoon monitoring reports coming in from Christians near and far, as they e-mail their testimonies, answered prayers and photos from Global 4/14 Day. Later that evening, Karges will be praying for children with Christian leaders on an international conference call.

For more information on Global 4/14 Day, visit www.Global414Day.com.

Contact: Steve Karges, Founder & President, Children’s Ministries International, Inc., Coordinator, Global 4/14 DaySteve@Global414Day.com


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