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Cameron’s ‘Titanic’ Dishonors Sacrifice of Brave Men, Says Titanic Centennial Organizer

BRANSON, Mo., April 9, 2012 /Christian Newswire/ — As James Cameron’s film Titanic headlines movie theatres worldwide in its new 3D incarnation, the organizer of Titanic 100: An International Centennial Event — to held on April 12-15 in Branson, Missouri — aims to disprove Cameron’s class warfare portrayal of the ship’s demise, showcasing the legacy of heroism on Titanic, as men and boys on board the ship gave their lives so women and children might live.
“James Cameron’s box-office smash Titanic portrays a false image of Marxist class-warfare as Titanic foundered, with the rich seeking to bribe their way to freedom, the poor deliberately prevented from reaching safety, and the nobility of Christian sacrifice minimized and ridiculed,” noted Doug Phillips, President of Vision Forum and Founder of the Christian Boy’s and Men’s Titanic Society. “Such depictions are historical nonsense.”
“Titanic 100 is an international event designed to set the record straight by celebrating the true legacy of the men of Titanic who gave their lives for women and children.
“The fact of the matter is this: First class passengers such as Major Archibald Butt and fabulously wealthy magnates such as John Jacob Astor and Benjamin Guggenheim willingly gave their lives for third-class women and children,” Phillips remarked.
“Captain E.J. Smith’s order on Titanic was ‘women and children first’ — regardless of class station or social rank — and that order was scrupulously carried out by the ship’s officers as they loaded passengers into the ship’s handful of lifeboats.
“Author Lee Merideth gives these helpful summary: ‘If numbers prove anything, it’s that 71% of the survivors were passengers and 29% were crew, and that in raw numbers, almost as many Third Class (174) passengers survived as did a First Class (202) and crew (212). . . . Other than ‘Woman and Children first’, there wasn’t any attempt to save one class of passengers over another.'”
Sponsored by Vision Forum Ministries and the Christian Boy’s and Men’s Titanic Society, Titanic 100 will focus on the Christian doctrine of “women and children first” that was displayed in the midst ofTitanic’s tragic sinking. The event will feature a wide range of exciting activities for the whole family, including a live play and musical performances at the Lawrence Welk Theatre, an Edwardian Ladies Tea hosted on the Chateau on the Lake, exclusive tours of the world’s largest Titanic attraction, a special film screening of A Night to Remember, a Gala Banquet and Celebration on board the Branson Belle, and the opportunity to engage with reenactors who will bring to life the passengers and crew who were on Titanic’smaiden voyage.
“While it’s a well-known fact that Cameron’s Titanicgarnered 11 Oscars when it was first released, few are aware that it won a ringing endorsement at the time from Jiang Zemin, President of Communist China, who called on his fellow Marxists to study the film’s depiction of class warfare,” observed Phillips.
“Zemin referred to the ship’s crew as ‘craven capitalist lapdogs and stooges.’ The reason?” asked Phillips. “Cameron portrayed noble men such as First Officer William Murdoch as a confused and wavering shell of a man who took a bribe, shot a third-class passenger, and then committed suicide, when he in fact Murdoch gave his life to save passengers, helping them into boats, and then throwing deck chairs overboard so that drowning passengers would have something to keep them afloat.
“The outcry against Cameron’s portrayal of Murdoch eventually led 20th Century Fox to admit in a letter to Alisdair Morgan, the member of Parliament for Murdoch’s hometown, that there was no basis for the villainous portrayal of Murdoch.” Phillips explained. “Eventually Cameron himself donated $8,340 to a memorial fund set up in Murdoch’s honor.”
Doug Phillips founded the Christian Boy’s and Men’s Titanic Society in 1997, and each year the society hosts a gathering on the anniversary of Titanic’ssinking to commemorate the legacy of male chivalry demonstrated on board the ship when the great ocean liner foundered. The society stands for the proposition that the strong must sacrifice for the weak, that greater love has no man than he lay down his life for another, and that the doctrine of “women and children first” must be preserved.
Titanic’s sinking marked the darkest and brightest night in maritime history,” Phillips commented. “Though more than 1,500 people died in this international tragedy, the Darwinian notion of the ‘survival of the fittest’ was rejected in favor of the age-old Christian doctrine that the ‘strong sacrifice for the weak.’ No event in modern history has done more to remind the world of this important bedrock of Western culture, and we hope that many will join us at the Titanic 100 as we showcase this legacy.”
To learn more about or to register for the Titanic 100, visit:www.visionforumministries.org/events/cbmts/013/
To interview Doug Phillips about the Titanic 100 Celebration, contact Wesley Strackbein by e-mail at wesley@visionforum.org

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