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Small Town Pastor Touches Over 50,000 People Worldwide Per Month

PINE HAVEN, Wyo., April 6, 2012 /Christian Newswire/ — Never in his wildest imagination did Pastor Duke Taber of the Vineyard Christian Fellowship of Pine Haven Wyoming think that his personal blog would reach over 500,000 people in it’s first year. 

Taber’s Truths started out as an extension of his weekly column in the Moorcroft Wyoming Leader. He had received good reports from the people in his community about what he was writing about and so he took it online. In just a year it has grown to over 50,000 people per month visiting his site. 

“First I just published what I was writing for the newspaper.” Pastor Duke as he likes to be called said. “Then I started giving people things that would help them in their faith like lists of Bible verses on popular topics and Christian Quotes from various denominations. Now I have expanded to do Christian News and Commentary, World Missions News, Christian Living, etc. I have ended up with a total Christian News Magazine! I have posted over 300 articles in 1 year.”

Pastor Duke has not had a competitive spirit in this endeavor. He has freely shared his success with others in the Christian blogging community. He has said time and time again that “my brother is not my competition.” He has shown this by posting articles on how other Christian bloggers can make their blogs a success and has freely allowed them to do guest articles on his website.

Pastor Duke’s Story becomes even more unique when you take into account that He is both single and divorced. He has been a trail blazer for other Christians who want to serve the Lord and the church that are single and divorced.

On April 12th Taber’s Truths will be celebrating it’s 1 year anniversary. In recognition of that, Pastor Taber has purchased a whole new web layout, better hosting, and started offering subscriptions to a daily digest of articles and stories that are published. 

When asked what he thought of all this he replied “This is all way beyond me. They didn’t teach this stuff in Bible college 30 years ago. It has to be a God thing.”

You can find Pastor Dukes Website at taberstruths.com.


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