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Alabama Pro-Lifers Demand the Immediate Closure of Dangerous Birmingham Abortion Clinic

BIRMINGHAM, April 5, 2012 /Christian Newswire/ — According to an investigation conducted by the Alabama Department of Public Health, the New Woman All Women abortion mill in Birmingham has been found in total violation of numerous public health laws.

76-page report released in March 2012 presented 9 citations, 4 of which are repeat deficiencies from an evaluation in July 2011. These violations reveal a total negligence of women’s health and continued indifference toward state laws created to protect patients.

Citations include:

  • Failure to maintain policies or procedures for administration of medications or medicine error which, on Jan 21, 2012, resulted in the hospitalization of at least three women.
  • Regular practice of non-licensed employees performing procedures that require a licensed nurse or doctor.
  • Use of equipment with inspection dates from 2007 or no inspection date at all.
  • Inexperienced employees working independently with no documentation of training, which directly resulted in the hospitalization of two patients on January 21, 2012.
  • Failure to keep accurate, complete medical records for patients. The state survey team found ultrasound photos dated days after procedures, numerous charts signed by an off-duty nurse, inconsistent time logs, and purposefully altered records.

Other deficiencies include lack of documentation for physicians, failure to follow-up with patients, and failure to monitor patients for discharge.

Each of these violations create a danger to the patient’s health and show apathy toward state laws. CEC For Life, Pro-Life Nation, Alabama Physicians for Life and other citizens call for the immediate closure of this clinic by the state of Alabama.

“Allowing this clinic to remain open is a non-option,” said CEC For Life Director Fr. Terry Gensemer. “New Woman boasts that it provides women’s healthcare, but anyone who reviews the Department of Health’s recent report can see what they really offer — unsafe procedures conducted by uncaring doctors and untrained employees. They have ignored the law, injured women, and lied to the state. We ask that the Department of Health do its job and shut them down immediately.”

Troy Newman of Pro-Life Nation added, “Every day the state allows this clinic to remain open, women’s lives are put at risk. That’s unacceptable.”

We implore citizens to contact State Health Officer Donald E. Williamson and demand the immediate closure of the New Woman All Women clinic. Address: ATTN Donald Williamson, PO BOX 30317, Montgomery AL 36130. Phone: 334-206-5200. Fax: 334-206-2008.

CEC For Life is a ministry of the Charismatic Episcopal Church.


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