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Phoenix Church Organizes Dirty Water Campaign to Bring Clean Water to the Poorest of the World’s Poor

PHOENIX, April 4, 2012 /Christian Newswire/ — Palmcroft Church of Arizona is organizing a campaign to raise thousands of dollars to bring clean water to the poorest of the poor in Haiti and Ethiopia. On April 5, 2012, college students will gather for a 12-mile, four-hour walk to raise funds and bring awareness. The walk will begin at 4:00 pm and will go from Palmcroft Church at 15825 N. 35th Ave. to the State Fair Grounds on West McDowell Road.

During Easter services on Saturday and Sunday, Palmcroft will bring this campaign to over 4,000 people. Participants will be given the opportunity to walk a 100-yard course carrying 47 pounds of water in a five gallon jerry can. This to experience the on average four-hour walk that most these kids have each way to get dirty water.

On Easter Sunday morning everyone who attends Palmcroft Church will be given a bottle of “Dirty Water” and the church will encourage them to drink nothing but water for three weeks. On April 29th people will be asked to bring back the money they saved on coffee, soda and other drinks and give it towards the clean water projects.

“100% of funds raised will go toward clean water projects for the poorest of the poor.  $5,000 builds a well for a community of 400 that will bring clean safe drinking water for 20 years.  TOGETHER we can change the tide, TOGETHER we are a force for good,” said Jeff Wolfe, pastor at Palmcroft. 

“We’re excited for Liquid Water to be partnering with Palmcroft this month,” said Rich Birch, vice-president of LiquidWater.com, a 501(c)3 non-profit dedicated to building sustainable clean water solutions for communities in developing countries.  “Being able to mobilize thousands of people on one side of the globe to help others on the other side not only brings a solution, but makes a statement from one community to another,” said Birch.

According to the World Health Organization, unsafe water and poor sanitation kill more people than all forms of violence, including war.  About 760 million people are still without access to clean drinking water today.

“For 68 years, the people of Palmcroft have taken action in our community and around the globe.  I’m waiting with anticipation to see how God’s love is going to impact people with the simplicity and life saving gift of clean water,” added Wolfe.

About Palmcroft
In September of 1944, during the height of the second World War, Palmcroft Baptist Church was founded on the 1500 block of West McDowell in Phoenix, Arizona. With forty-four people present at that first service, Pastor Leroy Thomas communicated the vision of missions and evangelism. In 1981 Palmcroft moved to its current location on North 35th Avenue where that vision has established into a firm foundation. Currently over 3,000 people experience Palmcroft’s worship services each week. Annually for the past ten years, Palmcroft has given $1 million to over 100 missionaries and relief projects. As a part of our continued global outreach, Palmcroft is providing clean drinking water to the poorest of the poor in Ethiopia and Haiti. More details are available at:

About LiquidWater.com
LiquidWater.com is a non-profit 501(c)3 organization dedicated to bringing Clean Water to communities in our world’s developing nations. Liquid Water exists to inspire & resource like-minded organizations to “get dirty” and help tackle the global water crisis together.  As a part of its global outreach Liquid Water provides clean drinking water to the poorest of the poor with dozens of completed projects in Ethiopia, Central African Republic, Haiti and El Salvador.  In the last 2 years, “Dirty Water” campaigns have brought safe, clean drinking water to over 10,000 people across rural Africa.  More details are available at:

Media Contacts
Members of the press are invited to join the Dirty Water Walk on Thursday, 4/5 as college students walk four hours carrying water from Palmcroft to the State Fair Grounds. RSVP Jeff or Nate for arrangements:

Jeff Wolfe, Palmcroft

Nate Green, Palmcroft

Rich Birch, LiquidWater.com

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