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Humorous Fiction Taps Into Growing Homeschool Market (A Novel About One Mom’s Year of Dinners, Diapers, Meltdowns, and Math Lessons)

TULSA, Okla., April 4, 2012 /Christian Newswire/ — The Homeschool Experiment: a novel (Paperback, Familyman Ministries, March 15, 2012, ISBN: 978-1-937639-06-8, $12.99), by Charity Hawkins, introduces readers to the hilarious, hard, and beautiful world of a homeschooling mom.

The homeschool movement is growing nationally, especially among conservatives.

The National Home Education Research Institute (NHERI) estimates there were over 2 million children being homeschooled in the United States in 2010. “The growth of the modern homeschool movement has been remarkable,” said Michael Smith, president of the Home School Legal Defense Association (HSLDA). “Just 30 years ago there were only an estimated 20,000 homeschooled children.”

Hawkins says one reason she wrote the book is that it was the book she wanted to read. “I didn’t want to read an Amish romance; I wanted to read a book about the world I live in,” Charity Hawkins says. “Nobody was writing one.”

With refreshing humor and honesty, Charity Hawkins offers moms encouragement in their noble work at home, a chance to laugh at the moments only a mom would understand, and a reminder to cherish those gifts right under their roofs — those wild, irrational, precious people — their own children. Though the book deals with homeschooling, it also addresses the larger question, “What happens when you feel called to do something that seems entirely too big for you?”

The book has gotten reviews on the Pioneer Woman and Owlhaven blogs, and is being warmly received by the online community of stay-at-home and homeschool moms. “I think the book is meeting a need for homeschoolers and all those millions of mothers considering homeschooling,” Hawkins says. The book is available at Amazon.com and homeschool conventions across the country.

Charity Hawkins is available for interviews (by phone or at CharityHawkinsAuthor@gmail.com) to promote the release of The Homeschool Experiment. An electronic press kit is available at www.thehomeschoolexperiment.com.

About the Publisher
Familyman Ministries publishes resources to encourage moms and dads in what’s most important. Several months out of the year, Todd Wilson (founder of Familyman Ministries) travels the country with his wife Debbie and their eight children speaking at homeschool conventions. For more information, visit


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