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Frank Schubert to Depart from Schubert Flint Public Affairs

Public affairs leader will head a new national firm focused on conservative and social issues

Contact: Cherri Spriggs-Hernandez, 916-448-4234

SACRAMENTO, April 3, 2012 /Christian Newswire/ — Frank Schubert, the founder of one of the Sacramento area’s most successful public affairs consulting firms has announced that he is leaving the firm he created in 2003 to pursue other consulting interests. 

“Founding and leading Schubert Flint Public Affairs has been the highlight of my career,” Schubert said. “When I opened my doors in 2003, I hoped I would be able to simply make it on my own in the business. It has been a blessing to build this firm into one of the largest communications companies in the region, and to have had the opportunity to work with so many fine clients, partners and staff.”

Jeff Flint, a partner in the firm, will take over running the company and will serve as its president. Flint is expected to lead a restructuring and rebranding of the firm, including naming additional partners, and will focus the company exclusively on serving corporate, governmental, nonprofit and trade association clients.

Schubert, a conservative Catholic, said he would build a new national consulting practice focused on social issues such as protecting life, strengthening families, preserving traditional marriage and protecting religious liberties, along with pursuing conservative public policies that promote prosperity and liberty. A 30-year veteran of public affairs, Schubert has twice been named the nation’s most valuable political consultant by the American Association of Political Consultants, and received the Lifetime Achievement Award from the International Association of Business Communicators (Sacramento Chapter).

“My conservative ideology and my faith have been major guiding forces in my decision to work on some important but controversial issues, including life and marriage,” Schubert said. “But the firm has become much bigger than me personally. I don’t want my work on social issues to continue to overshadow the people who work for me, or the clients we serve. By stepping away from the company, I will be able to continue to work on the issues I care about while allowing the remaining leadership and staff of the firm to pursue the excellent work they are doing for clients, and to continue to grow the business going forward.”

Schubert founded the firm in 2003 as Schubert Public Affairs, and added Jeff Flint as a partner in 2006. In 2010 the company was ranked by the Sacramento Business Journal as the 3rd largest in public relations revenue and the 6th largest in advertising revenue. They employ 15 people in Sacramento and Orange County.

Schubert said that the firm has been properly positioned for future growth under the leadership of Jeff Flint and other key members of the firm.

“Jeff Flint is a highly-accomplished public affairs professional and he will do a fantastic job leading a new iteration of the firm going forward,” Schubert said. “I will always make time to assist their work whenever it’s useful, but they are well positioned for long-term growth.”

Schubert said he has opened a new consulting company, Mission: Public Affairs, LLC that will work across the nation on conservative and social issues. The new company is already engaged in managing ballot initiative campaigns in several states.

“Leaving this firm is bittersweet, because I built it and love all the people and clients who have become a part of my life over the past decade,” Schubert said. “But the reality is that it’s very difficult for a public affairs professional to serve both corporate clients and work on the conservative side of social issues that challenge popular culture. I’ve chosen to try to make a difference fighting for families, faith and the principles of the American founding, endowed by God, that gave rise to this exceptional nation of ours. I’m excited about the next chapter in my career.”

Schubert’s new firm can be reached atinfo@missionpublicaffairs.com.


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