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Catholic and Protestant Journalists, Websites Abuzz About Coming False Prophet ‘Petrus Romanus’

GRESHAM, Ore., April 3, 2012 /Christian Newswire/ — The False Prophet is the forgotten figure in end time prophecy. There is plenty of speculation about who the Anti-Christ is, but very little about his “promoter.” Yet if we look deeply enough, we can discover what evangelicals and Catholics have believed about this personality for hundreds of years.

The theme of an anti-Pope or False Prophet is developed in an article on Examiner.com which quotes from a Catholic audio recording called Reign of the False Prophet. It mentions a Father John O’Connor. “Father explains how God will and is punishing the world for sin, and that the Fathers of the Church all wrote that the False Prophet would be a Catholic Bishop who will become an invalid anti-pope while the real Pope dies a cruel death in exile.” 

Another Catholic friendly website called EndTimesLion.com fills in more of the details of the anti-Pope theory. “This Anti-Pope will appear to be elected, but he will not be validly so. This Anti-Pope will physically reside in Rome, at least for a time until the ‘Anti-Vatican’ is moved to Jerusalem. The election will be done invalidly through electronic means, such as email, fax and phone, based on the excuse that it will be too dangerous to travel to Rome because of the wars and revolutions in the streets.” 

It must be remembered that Saint Malachy’s “Prophecy of the Popes” contains references to both Popes and anti-Popes. It would be entirely consistent with Catholic teaching and emerging Protestant interpretation, for Benedict XVI’s successor, the final pontiff on the list known as Petrus Romanus, to be both anti-Pope and False Prophet.

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