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Authors and Apologists Link Arms to Promote Christian Worldview at Online Conference

HOLMEN, Wis., April 3, 2012 /Christian Newswire/ — Athanatos Christian Ministry’s third annual online apologetics conference continues its defense of the Faith in the culture by calling on artists and apologists to join forces. Traditionally, arguments and evidence are the main tools for apologists, but ACM’s Executive Director, Anthony Horvath, urges them to add Story to their arsenal. The conference is held over the Internet, April 19th-21st.


“Everyone thinks that their belief system is carefully considered at every turn, but upon inspection and cross-examination we discover that many people think the way they do because of something they saw in a movie, read in a book, or heard on the news,” Horvath explains. 

Horvath continues, “Think of the saying, ‘You can’t reason a person out of a position he wasn’t reasoned into.’ This isn’t necessarily bad. Not everything that is real and important is learned through reason, anyway. It just illustrates how important it is to thoughtfully consider all of our beliefs, no matter how we receive them. Our conference will examine how Story shapes our worldviews and how we can use stories to communicate our worldviews, and even defend them.”

This year’s keynote speaker is the president of the American GK Chesterton Society, Dale Ahlquist, who will discuss Chesterton’s knack for choosing the right word. Chesterton was a master apologist and, in his time, a well known writer of detective stories. 

Other speakers include:

Dr. Gene Edward Veith will present on the topic of ‘Christianity and Comedy,’ urging Christians to view humor as something that God actually likes. 

Dave Sterrett, a spokesperson for “I am Second”, will reflect on the success of the video series.

Dr. Holly Ordway will show how the fairy tales of Brother Grimm are good leaping off points for faith conversations.

Anthony Horvath discuss the intense, and often hostile, reaction of his short story series, “Richard Dawkins, Antony Flew, and Mother Teresa Go to Heaven.”

Eighteen different speakers will touch on issues such as creation and evolution, the ideology of Hitler and the Nazis, the evidence for the resurrection, and other topics related to ‘literary apologetics.’ The first day of the conference is free and open to the public. 

Every session is recorded and paid registrants get unlimited access to the archives. 

To learn more and register for the conference, visitwww.onlineapologeticsconference.com.  


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Aaron is a freelance writer who is passionate about covering topics that interest Christian readers. From breaking news and inspirational stories to Bible studies, Aaron is committed to providing concise, well written, and relevant articles that will inspire and encourage Christians to search for a deeper connection in their faith and God.


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