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Help for Catholic Men Struggling with P*rnography

Help for Catholic Men Struggling with Pornography Now Available Morality in Media Responds to Spiritual Threat

Contact: Dawn Hawkins,Morality in Media, 202-487-3308,dhawkins@pornharms.com

WASHINGTON, March 29, 2012 /Christian Newswire/ — Asserting that pornography is now more popular than baseball as a pastime, Morality in Media today released a new pamphlet directed at Catholic men titled, “The Pornography Pandemic: A Message to Catholics.”

“The sin of pornography is overwhelming Catholic men,” said MIM President Patrick Trueman, who wrote a similar piece for the Knights of Columbus magazine Columbia.

“Pornography is now more popular than baseball. In fact, it has become America’s pastime.” He warns that pornography changes the user’s attitude toward sex, his or her spouse, and is causing the breakup of many marriages.

“We hope to distribute ‘The Pornography Pandemic’ to every Catholic Church in America this year,” Trueman said. “It provides great reference material for Catholic men who are confessing sins of pornography.”

The pamphlet addresses addiction, a common problem today. “Sadly, for the regular consumer of pornography, confession and contrition are normally not sufficient to break from pornography because, like drug abuse, pornography is not just a bad habit — it is often an addiction.” 

The pamphlet includes links to several Morality in Media websites, all of which provide resources for addicts and others harmed by pornography.

The effects of pornography on children are highlighted in the pamphlet; fathers are encouraged to set an example of purity for their children and family.

Morality in Media is encouraging Catholic diocesan newspapers to reprint the pamphlet material in their online and printed publications. Permission to do so may be sought from the MIM staff (dhawkins@pornharms.com).  

The Catholic version is available now for $75 per 300 copies, but is available at no cost for those churches that cannot afford them. A free online version can be found at bit.ly/HiMril. Protestant and Jewish versions of “The Pornography Pandemic” are also being prepared and can be pre-ordered at same price.

About Morality in Media
Founded in 1962, Morality in Media, Inc. is the leading organization focused on opposing pornography and indecency through public education and the application of the law. MIM is leading The War on Illegal Pornography, a coalition of more than 100 groups whose goal is to stop the distribution of illegal pornography. For more information visit


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