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Minister Brings Revival to Christian Assemblies in Scandinavia

The Holy Spirit is Awakening His People Through Personal Experiences in Christian Assemblies in Scandinavia as Pastor Bent Altschul of Great Among The Nations Continues to Minister

Contact: Ginger Brown, Outreach Coordinator, Great Among The Nations, Inc., 310-338-1021

SWEDEN, March 20, 2012 /Christian Newswire/ — Recently Pastor Bent Altschul held six pastoral revival and teaching meetings in Sweden and Denmark. The results were astounding. Gathered from among multi-denominational backgrounds, pastors and ministry leaders united in sharing the awakening by the Holy Spirit.

Throughout the teaching meetings the recurring theme of ‘the testimony of Jesus is the spirit of prophesy,’ emerged and the deeper meaning of many Bible verses and teachings were stirred up among serious leaders. After one of the conferences a local Swedish evangelists testified, “It was wonderful to hear Pastor Altschul speak about God‘s spirit and His presence among us, and Pastor Bent always points to Jesus. This is really what we want, and it is the awakening to the time we live in, namely close to midnight of the nations.”

According to Pastor Altschul, “It has taken many years of my life of daily meditation as small building blocks came together in order to grasp the message God has laid on my heart. Many generations never obtained what now seems to be at the door; both for the world and for the church. For the church it is the blessed hope.”

According to a well-known local Swedish pastor speaking after one of the Bible conferences, “We are seeing a growing body of leaders interested, focused and occupied with Jesus’ soon coming. I was personally encouraged as Pastor Altschul taught the Word. I witnessed among pastors I have known for many years how their indifference were disarmed by this message of the Holy Spirit.”

According to Altschul, “When we stand in front of a person and minister, we stand in the presence of Jesus who always comforts, heals, and restores.”

For further information, please see www.gatn.org which provides an overview of GATN’s mission, including its statement of faith. As explained on the site, GATN’s purpose is to support other ministries in fulfillment of their own greater purposes. The about us and biography sections of the web site explain how GATN came into existence. Other pages cite personal testimonies of those who have been personally affected by GATN’s programs and by the words and spiritual commitment of its lead pastor.

Ginger Brown
Outreach Coordinator
Great Among The Nations, Inc.
8306 Wilshire Boulevard #2021
Beverly Hills, California 90211 U.S.A.


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